About The Kummer Homestead

The Kummer Family
The Kummer Family — Kathy, Michael, Lucas and Isabella — at our suburban homestead on the outskirts of Atlanta.

We’re a family of four who are passionate about regenerative agriculture, raising animals and growing our own food. Our goal is to reconnect with nature and take ownership of our own health and well-being.

What We Have on the Homestead

Situated on a 1.26-acre lot in Milton, Georgia (just a half-hour north of Atlanta) our homestead currently hosts the following:

  • Five beehives, with 10,000 to 60,000 bees each (depending on the time of the year). We use our bees for pollination, wax (for candles) and honey.
  • 47 hens that lay over 10,000 eggs per year. We also use them to make compost and to fertilize our lawn.
  • Four roosters to fertilize the eggs and provide protection.
  • Two African geese for additional protection, as well as for mowing and fertilizing the lawn. (They also provide a few eggs.)
  • Three New Zealand breeding rabbits with a running average of 25 bunnies, which we use for meat and dog food (it’s been a 50/50 split between the dog and us).
  • A German Shepherd to protect the property and provide company (see below!).

Coming soon (to our current property):

  • 50 broilers (chickens raised for meat).
  • 10 turkeys (for meat).

We recently purchased a 45-acre plot of land in Menlo, Georgia, that will allow us to significantly expand our homestead! It’ll be a big change, but our plan is to add:

  • Two dairy cows (for milk, butter, cheese and skim milk for the pigs).
  • Four pigs (for meat)
  • Five beef cattle for meat (for us and the dog).
  • Five sheep (for meat, milk and cheese).
  • More geese (for meat and eggs)
  • Guinea Fowl (for insect control and protection).
Lucas and Isabella with our German shepherd, Rib-Eye.

On this blog — as well as on our accompanying Kummer Homestead YouTube channel and Instagram account (where we post short videos about daily life with our kids and critters) — we document what it takes to run a backyard farm, like how to build a brooder for your chicks, how to build a trellis for raspberry bushes and even what it feels like when you have to put down your family’s first rooster.

About the Author

Most of the content you’ll find here is written by Michael Kummer, host of the Primal Shift podcast and the principal writer for the healthy living/biohacking blog MichaelKummer.com.

Michael and his wife Kathy are the co-founders of MK Supplements, a family-run company that offers high-quality, 100% freeze-dried beef organ supplements.

You can learn more about the Kummer Family’s views on health and wellness in the following articles:

How to Get In Touch

For general inquiries, send an email to info[at]kummerhomestead.com or use our contact form.

For business inquiries (such as sponsorship opportunities and product review requests), contact Michael directly via mike[at]kummerhomestead.com.