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The human body evolved to thrive in an environment that no longer exists. We’ve lost our connection to the land and the animals that feed us. Our goal with the Kummer Homestead is to reconnect with nature and take ownership of our own health and well-being. 

We’re a family of four and we’re passionate about regenerative agriculture, raising animals and growing our own food in a suburban environment. We want to teach our kids about the delicate circle of life (and that food doesn’t come from the grocery store). Our ultimate goal is to regain what we consider a human birthright: health, strength and happiness.

The good news is that you don’t need to live on hundreds of acres of land in the middle of nowhere to get started. Our homestead is situated on a 1.26-acre lot in Milton, GA, just a half-hour north of Atlanta. It’s not a farm by any stretch, but it’s more than enough space for a couple of beehives, a flock of chickens, a handful of goats and a garden for growing seasonal fruits and veggies and fruits. 

So follow along with us as we learn the ropes of suburban homestead living, make plenty of mistakes and share useful tips and tricks along the way.

The Kummer Family

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